SANPOH USA ISE CORP. is a Southern California based company concentrates on providing industrial systems and mechanical utilities. Combined experience of more than 25 years gives SANOH USA high level of expertise in the fields of industrial systems and mechanical engineering. 

Machinery Moving Service

Fuji Robotics

Bishamon Products

Miura Boiler

Electrical Engineering Service

Mechanical Service

HAVC Service

Machinery moving by use of high capacity forklifts, cranes, air-ride truck and trailers, and other unique equipment to handle the loading and unloading of machinery and equipment.

We provide a full-service mechanical contractor that specializes in the design, installation, and service of the most advanced, cost effective and environmentally-friendly supermarket refrigeration systems in the industry.

We provide a full-service electrical engineering service for manufactory and warehouse. Working with electrical installations, utilities network design, building power systems, security systems, high and low voltage electrical distribution systems and lighting.

We provide HAVC Services for air cooled, chilled water, cooling tower, computer room, variable volume, make-up air, temperature control, energy management systems.


“... Sanpoh USA ISE Corp. is also helping to provide many type of equipments that customer needs such as Bishamon pallet jack, Fuji Robotics, Miura boiler, and also cooling systems, conveyors, racks, custom steel fabrication and so on...!. ”

Fuji Robotics has been developing Robotic Palletizers for over 30 years. Fuji Robotics have a solution that will meet the needs of your business whether you are a large or small manufacture.

While forklifts and pallet jacks play an important role in warehousing, manufacturing, and other areas, the role of material handling equipment stretches far beyond. Positioning equipment can help ensure that employees are working in the most ergonomic way possible, contributing to their overall safety and well-being.

All Miura boilers produce steam in 5 minutes using their exclusive floating head design, a revolutionary advance that results in substantial oil and gas cost savings (up to 20% and more) on average.