Pallet Handling


Easy Rotating & Self-Leveling Pallet Positioner

  • New Advanced Design Allows Capacity Adjustment Without Changing Air Pressure
  • Captive Air System Eliminates Cumbersome Mechanical Springs
  • Integral Turntable Top For Enhanced Ergonomics

EZ Loader

                   Automation Pallet Positioner



                   Pallet Lifter and Transporter


Pallet Jack / Work Positioner / Pallet Lift

  • All-in-One Pallet Transporter / Work Positioner Eliminates Need for Fork Lift and Lift Table
  • Easily Handles Standard Pallets, CHEP Pallets and Skids to 2000 lbs. Without Straddling
  • Ideal for Tight Work Cell Applications
  • Electric Hydraulic Powered Up and Down, Manual Push




Low Profile Positioner with Pallet Truck Accessibility

  • 1.75 in. Lowered Height with 2500 lbs. Capacity
  • Rotating Platform for Enhanced Ergonomics
  • Patented “Feet Clear” System for Operator Safety
  • 3S Model with Multiple Ramp Positions Minimizes Floor Space Requirements


EZ Off Lifter

                   AFloor Level Pallet Positioner



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